Walter visits the vet for a check-up!


Walter has been sneezing and coughing a minimal bit recently, so I took him to the vet.

The Exotic Animal Medical center of Orlando will see the two Extravagant and Roof Rats, and Dr. Shuflita worked well with Walter.

At very first, Walter was not too satisfied to be in a odd put, and when she experimented with to wrap him in a blanket to study him, he complained loudly and lept to us. But the medical doctor uncovered that she could effortlessly study him although he was sitting down happily on our shoulder, so this was not a difficulty. We even managed to weigh him (265 grams.)

Walter getting examined
Walter obtaining an examination

The good news is, Walter’s lungs and heart sounded excellent, he experienced no belly masses or tenderness, no seen discharges and the respiration seems by means of his nose also sounded rather superior. Her diagnosis was that he could possibly have a small higher respiratory infection and/or possibly allergies. It was also probable that his modern sneezing and coughing could be thanks to the colder weather conditions and lower humidity.

We reviewed treatment choices for Walter. Whilst she was keen to compose him a prescription for Doxy and Baytril, giving them by mouth would be extremely demanding for Walter (Baytril tastes horrible!), and may not be vital presented her conclusions. She suggested we attempt some immune technique assistance, furthermore improve the temperature and humidity in his natural environment (my dwelling business office.)

She prescribed some DMG (N, N-Dimethylglycine.) I bought some from her, and also discovered that Amazon sells it (for fewer funds, of system.) I am also going to give him some Echinacea and Reishi extract.

DMG, Echinacea and Reishi extracts
DMG, Echinacea and Reishi extracts support assistance rat’s immune method

DMG on Amazon (sort of tasty, but not superb, 3 drops for every working day)

Echinacea on Amazon (tasty like candy, 1 drop for each day, for alternate months.)

Reishi on Amazon (this one particular is bitter, so you may well have to have to mix it with something, 1 fall for every working day)

I have also set a radiator heater (the oil loaded kind, which is most secure for him) and humidifier in his area, and check the temperature and humidity.

Dr. Shuflita mentioned that Walter was healthy, welcoming and well socialized. I can vouch for the to start with two, but obviously she’s never attempted to consume about Walter if she thinks he’s “well socialized!” ???? at?v=UlAnvl9a4_A

But, anyway, it looks like Walter has an additional supporter! If you are in Central Florida, we can advocate Unique Animal Clinic in Orlando for your Extravagant Rats and Roof Rats.

Dr. Shuflita Exotic Animal Hospital in Orlando will care for Roof Rats at?v=oR5_qT55tsQ

Walter a short while ago turned a father and his babies will be obtainable for adoption quickly! Want to see Walter and his toddlers and maybe reserve some? Reserve a time for a online video chat! Or call us to stop by in particular person!

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rat in a pouch
I love my pouch soo a great deal!

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